Amy Arena's Liquid Reality

LIQUID REALITY $10.31 Halloween only!

Here’s what they’re saying in the alleys:

“Whee… What a great cd!” – D.VD., Portland

“It’s rich, deep and beautiful.” – P.B., Vallejo, CA

“I love it! I don’t know what to call it. I’d say jazz, but I don’t like jazz.” – Randi, Philly

LIQUID REALITY $10.31 Halloween only!

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Liquid Reality

Liquid Reality Liner Notes

The album generously produced, performed, and co-written with Great Oz and recorded at Great Oz Media, including vocals to Crashing and Ashes, except as noted below.

Coming from my untrained and uncertain little soul with heavy words, light melodies, and beyond-my-skill-production ideas foolishly popping in my head all of the time as though I could actually give them life, I wouldn’t have imagined that the final production would include these incredible professional, ridiculously skilled musicians and engineers who arrived with a music IQ that far exceeds my common intellect. I’m sure I’m not crediting them enough.

Recorded at Rustbelt Studios: Believe Vocals and Back-Ups on whatever was needed along with Tambourine for Mind’s Eye by the deeply talented, Eric Hoagemeyer. Album Mixed by the notorious Al Sutton.

Rust Belt Studios

Recorded at Defined Sound Recordings: Acoustic Guitar for Ashes, Crashing, and Nevermind Me performed by ultra-creative, Lance Alan. Album Mastered by the tireless Dylan Koski-Budabin.

About Ray

Recorded at the BAP Cave: Percussion performed by living legend, Larry Fratangelo.

More on Larry

Drums for Blue Jay and Ashes performed by Skeeto Valdez, force of nature.

Skeeto Stuff

Believe produced and performed by the undeniable master, Jeremy Ellis.

Jeremy’s Page

Nevermind Me and Liquid Reality pre-produced by Great Oz and produced by Jeremy Ellis.

Brick Road to Oz

Blue Jay inspired by the haunting guitar we sampled from the gracious Ian Tattenham.

Interest in Ian

Other vocals recorded at Gary Kulas’ Mansion or with a garden view thanks to DAM Ellis.

All songs and lyrics written, sung, and co-produced by Amy Arena.

Mini-Producers who contributed to this Album:

Ron Allen, Poet 9/13/47-8/10/10
Nancy Cramer (An Angel Eternal: 5/27/2011)
The Habarths, Educators
Kevin Nye – Infrared Saunas
Lonny Ross, Children’s Clothing Retailer
Nelson Jones, Actor
Ruth Hepler, Captain –
Judy Hui, Graduate
Elana Elyce, Chicago Talent – Elana Elyce
Greg Arena, Maryland Realtor
Lucille Duncan, NY Actress
Craig Hennigan, Debate Team Coach and Former Councilman
Patch Boyd, SF Actress
Leanne Kehler, Mom
Dorothea VanDuyn, Mom
Mary Arena, Found Artist
Gary Kulas,
Jayne Nichols, Educator and Private Tutor
Nelson Arena, Grandpa

Other Select Vocal Recordings

“In the Middle” Back-up Vocals, Daz-i-kue feat. Joy Jones Future Soul US
“Weather” Featured Vocals, :brownstudy Really Nice Recordings
“Rivers Norules” Featured Vocals, JakGalt JakGalt:Faculty
“Son Shine,” Mozez Back-up Vocals, Mozez Jam Faction
“Burning Brightly,” “Unity,” “Truth Interlude” Back-up Vocals, Ayro OmoaMusic
Essential Sauce, EP Lead Vocals SF Midi Mafia
“Astral Waters,” “Native Slipstream,” “Agua de Beber,” “Dance With You,” “Tribal Romance” Featured Vocals, Henrik Libreo Urban Loops
Amy Arena, self-titled album Lead Vocals Domo Records

* You who have written, performed, and recorded with Amy Arena were excluded for no reasons of bias. Amy Arena has simply, in time, forgotten some names and information to give appropriate credit. If you wish to correct any oversights, please, send an e-mail.

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